New updates and improvements to RADAAR.

  1. Guess what? The wait is over! Official Pinterest (Board) integration is here! All RADAAR users can now post and schedule to Pinterest, in addition to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Give it a shot and set your own course for Pinterest success!

  2. • Now you can now connect your own cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Box.

    • Compact View, Detailed View and Preview View options are now available for Scheduler calendar.

    • You can now customize the date and time format as you wish.

    • Replied message preview is available for Inbox messages.

    • Filtering options are now available for Scheduler calendar.

    • Reset Master Password is now available for Passbook.

    • You can now access the Quick Replies under the Utilities section.

    • Now you can reach your frequently used quick replies much faster.

    • You can now export all of your data from Inbox, Monitoring and Passbook.

    • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

  3. Instagram messaging is now available!

    New Feature

    • Instagram (DMs) messaging is now available for accounts which has more followers than 1K.

    • CSV Import feature is live now! We dedicated this feature to Nerijus Kaziela.

    • the Hashtag Manager is now more powerful with new features.

    • You can now change the Scheduler calender view to monthly, weekly and list view.

    • Multiple select option is now available for Inbox, Monitoring, Passbook.

    • You can now disable product tours and in app warnings for forever.

    • Social media inbox performance is enhanced.

    • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

  4. 2021-07-12-HashtagManager-TaggingUsers

    • Hashtag Manager is live now.

    • You can tag users for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter when scheduling.

    • GIF support has been added to scheduler.

    • Now post editing area is more useful with feature bar.

    • You can find best image sizes chart for social media platforms.

    • Finally PDF Export & Print options are available for Analytics Boards.

    • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

  5. Crello-And-Canva

    • Crello and Canva integrations is live now.

    • Permanently Delete option is available now for Inbox, Monitoring, and Passbook features.

    • Filtering options improved for Inbox and Monitoring features.

    • In-App-Warnings is ready to make product training videos more visible.

    • Clear Cache feature is available now for Workspaces.

    • New Knowledge Base and Help Widget is live now.

    • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

  6. a00c9ca5-0813-42d5-9bba-dadcd80d031f[1]

    We have been quietly working on new version of our dashboard (V2 a.k.a. #RagnarLodbrok). We waited so hard to bring you together with this beauty! It's #better, #faster, #stronger! Finally we launched it to the public today! Now, we need you! Please switch, try and share your feedback!

  7. 3b039284-4793-468c-9233-c105cc253708[1]

    Now you can connect your YouTube channels and unify all comments into a single inbox.

    Also you can connect your LinkedIn personal accounts to plan and publish your content.

    Fixed the bug sending Quick Replies.

    Increased overall performance.

  8. fe1f7826-b9cf-4c85-a7ad-0b40785a84fa[1]

    Now you can create Quick Replies for the messages you send most frequently and save your time when responding to your audience via Social Inbox.

    Boost your engagement rate by celebrating fun holidays on social media with our integrated holiday calendar.

    You can connect your own domain to URL Shortener to help people recognize and associate your links with your product or company.

    You can easly generate and download QR Codes for your short links. So you can bridge the gap between your online and offline marketing campaigns.

  9. f6decf0c-3b4a-486c-a51c-b83a73fc5e53[1]

    Now you can connect your Vimeo accounts, plan and publish your full-resolution videos.

    Also you can connect your Facebook Groups and manage all your incoming messages.

    Improved the process of publishing videos to Twitter and Instagram.

    Now Instagram comments are synced up effortlessly in real-time.